New Release: v0.86: The Fightening Alpha and Weekly Release

Good evening, comrades! I'll try to keep this brief since I have a few things to go over.

This week introduces a number of fairly substantial overhauls to combat balance and animations, as well as an important update to the autosave system.

When you update to the new version, you'll notice right away that your save isn't in the same slot as it was in v0.85 or earlier. That's because slot 1 is now reserved for autosaves, and everything else has been moved down a slot to compensate.

So (and this is important), if you have a save in slot 1, I would STRONGLY encourage saving in another slot before updating to avoid any unusual behavior.

Also, thanks to a some newly-recruited beta testers, the game has received some very thorough testing and bug-reporting over the past few weeks, so that's why you'll notice a LOT of bug-fixing and fine-tuning in the patch notes. I'm grateful to everyone who's been helping out on that front and I hope you enjoy version 0.86!

Version 0.86 - 5-31-2019

  • Added Danforth Crook (WIP)
  • Knockout state now decreases XP by 50% instead of 100%
  • Revamped all damage/healing over time states so that they do flat rates based on stat formulae instead of percentiles. As a consequence, bosses are now generally susceptible to DoTs.
  • Damage/healing over time states now play their own unique animations during damage ticks
  • Modified the autosave system so that it overwrites its own unique slot instead of the most recent save slot
  • Added a series of new cast animations to diversify elements, weapon skills and enemy skills
  • At level 3, Mercy now learns “Wound Essence”: basic, light-element essence magic
  • Counter has been reworked so that it no longer totally mitigates incoming attacks, but instead attacks after, like traditional RPGs. This is to differentiate it further from evasion and reflection, and to mitigate the “wait periods” for some early encounters where you have no magic. To compensate for the nerf, counter rates on equipment and class bonuses are being universally increased
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to move the wrong way after pickpocketing the Southgate soldier in Mar’Liore and soft lock
  • Ferrum Silvae no longer faces the wrong way in combat
  • Simple stat descriptions added to the stat advancement message boxes
  • Mercy is now stripped of her weapon when captured by Oldlight
  • Fixed some text runoffs and typos
  • Fixed some toys applying states while still on cooldown
  • All toys now list the status applied
  • Sobriety Necklace now provides full immunity to “Dizzy”
  • Raised VO levels slightly and muted background audio
  • Fixed some lighting effects in the traders cove segment
  • Updated Hallie’s initial scene for continuity
  • The szarva horn is now correctly removed from your inventory on quest completion
  • Adjusted the giant lion beetle fight slightly
  • If Mercy happens to beat the finder in Shiveworth, it now acknowledges your victory and correctly removes Orus
  • Lowered the volume level of the storm on the ship
  • Hallie’s Flame Barrier spell now has a description in the menu
  • Gorstag no longer shows up at the cove uninvited
  • Updated dialogue for a couple of Witchdale peacekeepers after returning the second time
  • Fixed some passability issues
  • Glenna no longer references Claudia if Claudia wasn’t rescued
  • Fixed Wulfhilde not opening the shop menu after returning from Fort Wilkes
  • The Oldlight “strangers” encounters have been modified slightly
  • The Honorable Pete’s “wind-up” state no longer disappears before the follow-up
  • Re-entering the Fogsborough cave passage from the east now correctly applies the “coat on” switch, preventing Mercy from removing the coat while fishing


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