New Alpha & Weekly Builds: v0.55!

Hey everyone!

VERY excited to announce that the last 3 weeks of development hell on this portion of the chapter are finally finished.

This section has been tested extensively, and it's in a pretty good place, but if you do encounter any issues, please let me know. Once you play it, I think you'll understand how much can go wrong with all the different variations.

Somewhat surprisingly, this also marks a denouement of sorts in this particular chapter, which means it's not too far away from wrapping up and going public. We might see that in a few weeks, depending on how hard or easy the next portions are to make.

If you're new to Daughter of Essence, you can try the public build at



Version 0.55 - 10/19/2018

Extended the “Keeper Favor” routeAdded Finder Claudia as playable characterAdded alternate “Keeper Favor” subrouteExtended the “Stalling” routeAdded Monastery HallAdded Monastery StablesAdded Rondo as a playable chara…

New Weekly Build: v0.54!

Hey everyone! Continuing from last week's theme, we have another intricate, multi-path release, and the end of the chapter is finally starting to take shape.
This is another rough WIP build, but there's a lot to tinker around and experiment with, so my advice is to make multiple new save slots and don't overwrite your old one.

That said, if you're more of a "wait and see" kind of guy or gal, I think next week will be the build that finally finishes tying all these threads together and cleans up some of the loose ends. Plus, if my memory serves, there's also an alpha release next week, so bonus points to me for timing it perfectly.

New to the game? Try out the public build at

Version 0.54 - 10/12/2018

Added Conditioning Path SequenceAdded castle interior sceneAdded castle bridge sceneAdded forest sceneAdded portage (WIP)Added “Stalling” Path SequenceAdded Rondo sceneAdded “Keeper Favor” SequenceAdded excavation sceneA…

Latest Weekly Build: v0.53!


Highlight to read!


In her hubris, Mercy returned to Shiveworth and was captured by Oldlight. She has been blinded, shackled and subject to the Church's "conditioning" rituals, whereby they strip their finders of everything that makes them who they are.

But Mercy cannot forget. Not even if she wanted to. She is the Daughter of Essence.


If you haven't been keeping up, the latest chapter takes a pretty sharp turn. The latest build is, by far, the most complex yet, stacking choices on top of choices for what amounts to three separate paths and dozens of slight variations between them. As you can imagine, this is time-consuming, and it's in a stage of only half-completion right now, so I do NOT recommend saving over your old file until it's completed and all the kinks are smoothed out.

That said, the game also adds a couple of radical new NSFW scenes to the game, so PEEP EM if you want.

Version 0.53 - 10/5/2018

New written NSFW scene (M/F…

New Weekly Build: v0.52!

Good evening! Here is the latest & greatest, version 0.52--a respectable number by any metric, but especially a gambler's.

This has been a week of system-implementation and bug-wrangling, but there's also a pretty juicy sequence of brand new story content that I hope everyone enjoys.

One thing that is important to note is that there are a few variations to this week's story content--five, to be precise--which is the first major crossroads we come to with regards to the player's choice re. yielding or resisting the essence all this time.

NEXT week, you can expect some spicy new written scenes, at the very least.


Version 0.52 - 9/28/2018

Added new cutscenes for Beatrix departing ShiveworthAdded new dungeon ritual cutsceneAdded finder dormitoryMercy is subject to the finder awakening ritual with several different possible resultsAdded new Mercy “finder” spriteAdded new Marlan sprite, portrait & battlerFixed an issue in the debug room where Mercy could ini…

New Weekly & Alpha Builds! v0.51

Hey folks, we're very happy to bring you the latest weekly build and alpha builds this week, featuring art as a result of the latest art poll for our patrons!
The second place result, "Mercy & the Idol," has also been commissioned, so you'll have even more nice-looking scenes coming in the near future.

Drawing took up almost my entire week, but there's still a nice little bit to play in the weekly build, so we hope you enjoy.

New to Daughter of Essence? Check out our public build at!

Version 0.51 - 9/21/2018

Added the poll-winning scene illustration: Mercy & Shapeshifter!Added new encounters and progress to the Beatrix segmentAdded a new skill to BeatrixUpdated and fixed an issue with Overgrowth, Orus’s level 16 Moonlight skill (now heals for slightly less and costs a little more MP, but affects both Mercy and Orus)Updated some of Orus’s resistances to more accurately reflect his moon elemental natureFixed an issue wi…

Version 0.50 (Holy Moly)

Fifty versions! JEEZ. Since I took 1 week off for Christmas last year and 1 week off in June this year, this means I've officially been releasing weekly builds for a full year.
I know I say this a lot, but it's unbelievable to see how far we've come at times. Looking back at our launch version, 0.01, it was just the opening sequence at Shiveworth, hanging around the town, visiting your aunt at the abbey, and climbing aboard the ship.

It seems particularly ironic that exactly 1 year later, we return to Shiveworth again. This time... not as Mercy?

Anyway, I'll have some more news about new patrons rewards coming soon, probably early next week. The long and short of it is that I want to do something special for the folks who've been around a long time as a gesture of my sincere appreciation.

Here's to another year!


Version 0.50 - 9/14/2018

Added new confrontation on ShiveworthStarted new Beatrix segmentAdded Beatrix sprite, portrait and battlerAdded skillset fo…

New Weekly Build: v0.49!

Hi everyone,

The patch this week is short, in terms of playable content, because most of it was spent doing 3 things:

- Trying to fix a single bug that took 2 days

- Adding new, hand-made tomes to the cove that detail every weapon skill and every spell in the game, right down to their damage formulae. No more puzzling over what things do or spending essence blind.

- Tweaking/Rebalancing a lot of moves and equipment

Also added a couple of DEEP SECRETS this time around. Hope you enjoy.

- Nym

Version 0.49 - 9/7/2018

Added new NSFW scene (M/F, romantic)Added confrontation with parentsAdded new encounter outside the nunneryAdded access to the Shiveworth nunneryRevised the shapeshifter/Mercy scene and added it to the libraryAdded skillbook & essence journal key items to the coveFixed a bug with Sunder not correctly applying ATK DownChanged and rebalanced some skills/spellsCorrected and updated some skill/spell descriptionsFixed an issue where a blank item could be crafted at the cooking …