New Release! Version 0.87!

Hi everyone! The latest release is live and features a meaty little chunk of new content and some new areas and quests in progress.

Surprisingly, there haven't been any major gamebreaking issues reported since the last system implementations, so besides a few little tweaks here and there, I've been able to focus largely on writing new scenes instead of fixing mechanical problems!

With that said... I'll be taking a short vacation next week. I've been reaching peak burnout recently with the flurry of overtime hours and mad bug-fixing, and I haven't had a proper weekend since about this time last year. In fact, it's been about 50 straight builds in a row, which is kind of insane now that I think of it!

So I hope you'll understand while I try to recoup some of my brainpower and just try to get my mojo back in order. Chances are, I'll make it halfway through the week before I'm back on the grind.

Thanks, everyone!

- Nym

Version 0.87 - 6-8-2019

Added Danfo…

Hotfixes Live!

Hi everyone, I've released a hotfix for some issues, as well as a couple of others.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your patience. I've had to roll back the autosave functionality to the previous iteration, but with a little more deliberate placing on the autosave locations instead of just "every map transfer," which was a bit excessive when you're walking around between rooms in an interior space.

Alas, I can't tell for certain how it's going to respond to version 0.86's autosave. At best, it will ignore it altogether, since it can't read the slot 0 anymore. At least, that's what happens on my end. Let me know if you have any trouble with it.



Version 0.86.1 - 6-3-2019
Changed the autosave system back to the previous type, where it overwrites your most recent save file. This was because the other plugin was creating multiple conflicts and breaking some functionality. Autosave now triggers only on exterior or significant map changes …

New Release: v0.86: The Fightening Alpha and Weekly Release

Good evening, comrades! I'll try to keep this brief since I have a few things to go over.

This week introduces a number of fairly substantial overhauls to combat balance and animations, as well as an important update to the autosave system.

When you update to the new version, you'll notice right away that your save isn't in the same slot as it was in v0.85 or earlier. That's because slot 1 is now reserved for autosaves, and everything else has been moved down a slot to compensate.

So (and this is important), if you have a save in slot 1, I would STRONGLY encourage saving in another slot before updating to avoid any unusual behavior.

Also, thanks to a some newly-recruited beta testers, the game has received some very thorough testing and bug-reporting over the past few weeks, so that's why you'll notice a LOT of bug-fixing and fine-tuning in the patch notes. I'm grateful to everyone who's been helping out on that front and I hope you enjoy version 0.86!

New Release: v0.85!

Hi! This is a big release (for me, personally), because it fixes a number of major issues that have been plaguing development for months, and it opens up a lot of new options for me to experiment with improving combat.

ALSO, I'm very pleased to finally introduce the official voice actress for Mercy, who will be narrating a number of scenes throughout the game, starting with the prologue. Please welcome the very talented Dorn on board!

Beyond that, I've also added some new features this week: autosaves being chief among them (as an experiment), but also new keybind shortcuts in the form of B (for bag) and M (for map). No more digging through the inventory to find out where in the world you are anymore.

There has also been a bit of sprucing up of old maps, with places like Shiveworth getting a bit of a facelift.

Anyway, there's been a ton of little fixes and improvements, all of which are logged below. New alpha build next week!

Until then.

Version 0.85 - 5-24-2019

Added some…

New Release: Version 0.84!

Hi everyone! Not a whole lot to talk about that isn't in the patch notes except to say we're plugging along and making good progress on Ch. 8, which will most likely be the largest chapter to date.

I also implemented an oft-requested feature in the form of a stat guide, now lootable from the very moment Mercy wakes up at the manor. If you miss it the first time around, you can also get it from Beatrix's office in the dorms.

See you next week!

- Nym

Version 0.84 - 5-17-2019

Finished up the Franz quest line & added the second Franz encounterThe book Mercy wakes up next to at the beginning of the game can now be read & looted, and contains information about all the stats (can be found later in Beatrix’s room if you missed it at the beginning).Gongo can be recruited to the cove as a sailor (along with his mom)Added alternate routes to beginning the Franz questAdded a new house interior to FogsboroughAdded many items to the Fogsborough mapsAdded a variable to track optio…

New Release: v0.83!

Hi folks, the latest weekly build is now live! We're still crafting the village of Fogsborough and populating it with new characters.

This little remove village is tucked away on the far west corner of Grey Clarion, and you'll have to do a little spelunking to reach it.

We've also spent a good portion of the week listening to auditions for the voice of Mercy, and we're pleased to announce that we've, at last, found what we think is the right fit. We'll have more on that subject soon, but at the very least, we're eager to bring Mercy to life for some of the important monologue parts.

Until next time!

- Nym

Version 0.83 - 5-10-2019

Implemented a new system whereby resistance determines the amount of bonus skill points earned when resisting essencePopulated Fogsborough with citizens and house interiorsAdded several new items and ingredientsAdded Franz encounterAdded Fogsborough DocksAdded Fogsborough MarketGuarding now increases Recovery Effect by 20%Added wint…

New Weekly & Alpha Releases: v0.82!

Hi everyone! It's been a busy week with a lot of in-game and out-of-game developments. We're in talks with a number of voice actors to record a prologue for us, and we're chipping away at a lot of different parts of chapter 8 which we hope you'll enjoy.

There's not a lot to say that the patch notes won't cover, but it's a fun build and we hope everyone enjoys.

Notice how they all start with "added" instead of "fixed," which is a REALLY nice change of pace.

Version 0.82 - 5-3-2019

Added new scene illustration (Mercy/Hallie pt. 3)Added new NSFW scene (femdom, footjob)Added Fogsborough (WIP)Added northern mountain passages and east & west gatesAdded a new, updated world map to replace the old oneAdded new enemies to the mountain passagesAdded ice puzzles to the game Added new hidden treasures and cutscenes