New Updates & Public Builds!

Hi folks, we have 3 brand new releases to announce: a weekly, an alpha and a public release. If you're just visiting for the first time and haven't checked out the game before, you can always find the most recent public build at the very top of our Patreon.

Normally we wouldn't upload so many public builds so close together, but I wanted to include the end of the Carvannah chapter in a build for a few new outlets to share the game, since it's nicer to play a version that wraps up neatly.

This will probably be the last public build for a while, until the end of the Witchdale chapter.

Our weekly patrons will continue getting updates every Monday (although I'm considering a day switch in the future), and our alpha patrons will continue getting updates every month.

The next few builds are going to be a lot of fun, because it's all fresh new characters, narrative and scenery, and I'm already liking the new location quite a bit. We're also starting to touch on th…

Weekly Build v0.15

Hey, folks! We released the latest build, version 0.15.

This build is part of our preparations for the next chapter and features some new content, but mostly a ton of bug fixes and system revisions. We're hoping for a revised and cleaned-up version of 0.14 to become a nice stable public build that wraps up the end of our first major chapter so we can upload it to a few new sites and try to bring in a wider audience.

And of course, at the same time, we'll be continuing to produce new content and get builds out every week. Thanks for playing and chat again soon!

Version 0.15 - 1/8/2018

 Added Cove Progression New Boss Fight with 3 different paths Added a lot of new dialogue contextual with previous choices Overhauled the cove upgrade system Changed to a common event for ease of future integration Added every upgrade tier Included all upgrade costs Factored all variable trackers into the common event for convenience Added the new cove departure, and the beginning of a new chapter!…

New Public Build!

(Download Link)
Hello everyone, Nym here. We're super excited to release our latest public build to the world, version 0.11.5.
This is a really big update from the previous version, 0.4, and virtually doubles the amount of playable content.
We wanted to wait until the Carvannah chapter was completed so we could take a look at the most natural ending point for a public release, since it can be frustrating as a player to hit a dead-end.
As such, we've done a little content-pruning on the latest build to bring an up-to-date version of build 0.11's content, but with all the current bug-fixes and balance changes included.
This will receive one more small update in a couple of weeks after the next alpha build gets released, and then it will sit as our public build probably until the next chapter is completed!
I've attached a few (resized) screenshots below, all content from the public build.
We hope you enjoy, and as always, you can support our work on Patreon and get access…

Weekly Build v0.14: Happy New Year!

Hi folks, we're ending 2017 with the end of the Carvannah chapter, and starting 2018 with a brand new weekly build!

This has been a really difficult patch to make on account of all the branching paths and decisions, but I'm happy to have made so much progress on base-building and looking forward to start of the next chapter!

Version 0.14 Patch Notes:

Added new art to the Mercy/Hallie scene!Added new art to the miners scene!Added new art to the Mercy vibrator scene!Added Carvannah’s conclusion and the return to the coveDalkon’s training grounds are now upgradeable and can provide access to all new weapon-based skillsMoon’s alchemy lab is now upgradeable and can provide access to all new potions & combat mixturesGertrude’s forge is now upgradeable and can provide access to all new armor runesEva’s spellbooks are upgradeable and can provide access to the previously unavailable tier of elemental spellsThe docks are now upgradeable and offer a great deal of new fishing spots, as…

Weekly Build 0.13!

Version 0.13 was released in the early hours of this morning before my power snooze, and it adds some of my favorite content to date. We're finally wrapping up the Carvannah chapter and broadening the scope of player choice!

As was prophesized, version 0.13 discontinues the "A" and "B" versions, which means all save files older than version 0.9 no longer work. Sorry about that! That's part of the reason I built the new starting-point feature into 0.12, so you don't have to start from the beginning.

We are skipping a weekly release on Christmas and taking a much-needed break for a few days, then it's back to full-time development on the base-building and cove development features. That's gonna be a massive undertaking all on its own.

Happy Holidays and enjoy!

- Nym

Version 0.13 - 12/18/2017

 Added new Aqueduct areas Crows hideout Added new hidden passage, rooftop access & hidden boss Added new contextual dialogue for after Mercy visited the sh…

New Weekly & Alpha Build! v0.12

Hi everyone! It's been a rough week for Patreon, I think, and for many of us using it. They made a few cash-grab policy changes that affect a lot of people, and some have abandoned the platform altogether.

We lost a few patrons as well, which is saddening, but we understand. In particular, the changes hit the smallest and largest pledges on Patreon hardest. The smallest on account of the flat fee, and the largest on account of the percentage.

So, to help soften the blow for our Swashbuckler friends, we're doing a special one-time alpha bump and releasing the weekly build and the alpha versions simultaneously!

Also, for our Old Salt patrons and higher, we've got an extra gift included here for you.

Gunners: keep an eye out for next week! It's going to be one hell of a patch before the holidays. You won't be forgotten.

Thank you to everyone who's sticking around, to our new members, and we hope to make it worthwhile! We're testing now and uploading soon. Pat…

Weekly Build 0.10!

Despite the holidays and a cold bad enough to turn my brain inside-out, I've managed to be much more productive than expected!

This week, we bring you version 0.10: THE HALL Edition! It's live now for all our weekly patrons. However, there's good news and bad news.

A new plugin we've implemented for special light and weather effects breaks save files. So, for this build and and perhaps a few more builds up to the next alpha, we're uploading two versions: one that has the special lighting & weather features and one that does not. We're hoping in that time that we can find a workaround to get old save files working with the new stuff.

Eventually, we'll be making the upgrade exclusive, however, because continually uploading multiple versions for multiple tiers is going to get out of hand fast. It's a bummer, but it's sort of the nature of the beast when you're constantly adding new content.

Perhaps before then, we'll implement a feature to…