New Everything!

Hi everyone!
The free playable version of Daughter of Essence has received a sizable version upgrade, from 0.1.1 to 0.4.2a, adding several hours of gameplay, intriguing narrative developments, sexual encounters, and more! The alpha version has also made a big jump, from version 0.3.1a to version 0.7.2a, which includes exciting new content all the way up through Carvannah, the Desert City! As always, the weekly build (0.8) was released today and continues fleshing out the city, adding new areas, quests, secrets, fights, and even a little voyeurism! We have come so far in an incredibly short period of time, and we're so glad to have everyone along for the ride.

To celebrate our extended demo. Here are some uncensored pictures shared publicly for the first time!

Here's a link to the latest demo:!NPwVRQqZ!6O0hUM-PSbxR1493feEXaQ And here are the latest patch notes!

Version 0.8 - 11/13/17 2 New NSFW Scenes! (1 Illustrated, 1 WIP)Carvannah Noble DistrictWine Cellar Qu…

Weekly Build 0.7!

Hello! We've got a pretty wild build for you this week, so scope out those patch notes! We're wrapping up a few last test runs now, and we'll send the latest version out to our weekly patrons shortly.

We know the last couple of weeks has been a lot of mapping, spriting and exposition, so we hope you enjoy some of the payoff!
Version 0.7 - 11/6/17 Finished up White Rat MapsExciting New Storyline Content!2 New NSFW Scenes!Dozens of new NPCs to chat with!Added lots of new equipment and restorative itemsChanged restoration values of cooked food to scale better with higher max HPChanged restoration values of alcoholic beveragesAdded Roasted Toothtube Fin to cookable itemsAdded Roasted Seaweed to cookable itemsModified a few recovery skills to scale better with higher max HPPopulated Castle District and added 5 new shops:BlacksmithFruit VendorTailorJewelerButcherMade Hallie talk to Mercy automatically when she tries to leave the squareMade speaking to the innkeeper mandatory befo…

It's weekly build day!

We've just released our latest weekly build, version 0.5! The patch notes are here. Next week will be exciting--we enter the city Carvannah!

Big Update Day!

Hi everyone! Today, we've uploaded the latest weekly build, alpha build AND free demo!

You can find the weekly build patch notes below, and check out our Patreon for details on how to get access to the newer versions.

Version 0.4 - 10/16/17 Added More New Cove Content, Including:Early Construction PhasesCove Expansion DiscoveryCove Expansion PuzzlesCove Expansion F I G H TTier 1 Essence Vendors!Lots of Plot development!Added accessories to Orus’s useable equipment listAdded several new itemsMade catching smoothfins and littlesnoots slightly easierFixed known 0.3 bugsFixed several skill descriptionsFixed some typos and text-runoff

Weekly Version 0.3 Patch Notes

Hi folks!

Our second weekly build, version 0.3, was released. You can find the patch notes here!

Next week (the 16th), we release our first alpha monthly build for $5 patrons, which will also be version 0.3, albeit with a few refinements and bug-fixes. Stay tuned!

Weekly Build 0.2 Patch Notes!

Here are the patch notes for this week's release. Weekly build patrons will receive the new version via PM, most likely in the evening as we continue to sweep for bugs. We're excited to send the new content into the world!

Version 0.2 - 10/2/17 Added Playable Orus SceneAdded Full Ship Content, Including:New Sex Scene!A number of explorable ship areas, new NPCs, new vendor type, new hidden treasures!Multiple new enemies, including the game’s first real boss fight!Added Key Fragments & Szarva Game Pieces to new & pre-existing maps (find before leaving Shiveworth!)Added new skill: Sense Essence, gained automatically after class selectionAdded stat checks to certain in-game tasks to diversity rewards between character builds (much more to come in this department)Added enemy HP bar that show on highlight/hit after either sensing essence or fighting the enemy onceAdded Fishing Journal, which keeps track of record catchesAdded separate inventory functionality between characters…

Current & Future Plans


We talked a little bit on Patreon about our immediate plans, our progress thus far and our future plans.

For the immediate future (this week and potentially into next week), here's what we're doing:

[X] A new sex scene [Finished!]
[X] The ship area [Finished!] [X] New Orus Segment [Finished!] [/] Adding new in-game events that check Mercy's stats to see if she can do certain things. Like, is she strong enough to move that box? Smart enough to know the answer to something? Etc. [Halfway there!] [/] Working on the base-building segment for Mercy's new home port, so she can start unlocking new skills, spells and upgrades! [Halfway there!] [ ] Adding even more loot options to the already super robust fishing system [Haven't started yet!]
We also talked a bit about where we've been already and what kind of a plans we have for releases going forward. Here are those details:

For many months now, we've been laying the groundwork for Daughter of Essence.  The excruciati…