New Weekly & Alpha Release: v0.38!

Hi everyone, version 0.38 is now live and available as both a weekly and alpha build.

Because I'll be away next Friday and won't be able to send any builds, I wanted to make sure this week's had plenty of interesting content. 

I hope everyone enjoys it, and that it can tide you over until I get back on the 25th.



Version 0.38 - 6/15/2018

 Added Mar’Liore Meadow Added Mar’Liore Lakeside Added Mar’Liore Lake Added Mar’Liore Lake Cavern Added new optional boss fight & story content Added optional meadow quest Added new NSFW scene (F/F, Szarva) Added a handful of items to Mar’Liore and surrounding areas Added new, respawning enemies to the meadow/lake areas The braziers in the monument space are now correctly illuminated Aunt Agatha will be asleep in her room after Mercy awakens from the monument dream

New Weekly Build: v0.37!

Hi everyone,

As promised, the latest weekly build is live and features the fully implemented quest journal system.

This has been a feature requested since the very beginning, and I'd always meant to get around to it, but I'd always prioritized other work since it wasn't very exciting to look at (or work on).

But, enough was enough, and I spent most of the week grinding to get it out the way. I'm happy to announce that it's finished, and I can now move on to more exciting things!

Version 0.37 - 6/8/2018
Implemented a full quest journal system Added Mar’Liore Mill (WIP) Added Mar’Liore Pub (WIP) Fixed an issue where Vincent will give Mercy a 2nd fishing rod if she has upgraded hers already Fixed an issue where Mercy didn’t recover when first boarding Bell’s ship Made some waterfall tile edits Fixed a number of typos Fixed an issue where the cutscene doesn’t play upon first entering Mar’Liore Fixed an issue where you could sell stuff to fires Fixed an issue where Luca …

New Weekly Build: v0.36!

Hi everyone, it's time for a new weekly build! I fixed a lot of bugs and spent way too much time making the world's most complicated cooking side-quest and expanded Mar'Liore.

Also, there's a scene with contortionist twins, which I feel like speaks for itself.

Hope you check us out on Patreon!

Version 0.36 - 6/1/2018

 Added a new NSFW scene (F/F/M, Twins, Contortionists) Added more NPCs to Mar’Liore Added a coat fishing sprite for Esterholt Added a cooking quest to Mar’Liore Added Mar’Liore barn Added Eastern Mar’Liore Added contortionists’ tent Added soldiers’ tent Fixed an issue where talking to a chair in the Witchdale barracks would take you down a level Added “Hearty Meal” state to all 4-ingredient recipes, temporarily increasing max HP by 15% Made Hufferpuffer Pie a 4-ingredient recipe Fixed a couple of dialogue boxes in Mar’Liore Updated some dialogue in Witchdale to reflect post-Van Ritter time passage Minron’s book is no longer obtainable after the Witchdale ch…

Weekly, Alpha & Public Builds!


First and foremost, I'm very pleased to present the public release of the next chapter of Daughter of Essence.

In addition to new chapter, there have been many tweaks, bug-fixes, improvements and additions to the game as a whole. More than we can realistically list in this post, but if you would like to see the full changelog, you can scroll through it here.

But that's not all! We have a brand new weekly build this week, as well as an update to the alpha build. I've scrapped and rebuilt the cooking system from scratch to allow for many, many more ingredients and complex recipes.

In addition, I've also overhauled fishing, making it a tiny bit less challenging by default, but also adding items to the game to both increase the bite-chance and increase the time allotted to reel the fish in.

All that's on TOP of adding the Mar'Liore map exteriors, which in my opinion, is the nicest-looking area in the game so far!

The system changes were worked into the alph…

New Weekly & Alpha Release!

Hello! It's a special release tonight, because we spent a lot of time polishing, fixing and tweaking to make sure the latest weekly build was also ready to be sent out to our alpha patrons.

Version 0.34 is not a flashy build in some respects, but it gets a whole lot done AND adds 2 awesome new toys to the game, as well as their respective scenes.

Another feature we're excited to announce is a planned reward for the First Mate tier of patrons. We've added a bathhouse to the cove with guest suites above it. From this point going forward, if anyone ever becomes a First Mate, they'll get a permanent, lore-friendly character with their own suite in the cove.

Next week, version 0.33.1 will be going public to the world!

To see the rest of the pile of fixes and tweaks, have a little scroll through the patch notes.

Thanks, everyone!

Version 0.34 - 5/18/2018

 Added night essence station upgrades Added 2 new NSFW scenes! (Solo F, toys) Added new narrative progression events to the…

New Weekly Build: v0.33!

Hi there, just wanted to make a brief announcement about the latest weekly build. I keep saying that Esterholt's "finally finished," but in version 0.33, the fourth chapter of the game officially concludes, and the fifth chapter begins!

This is the content that will be going live in our next public build, once it's polished and ready. That means this coming Friday, both weekly and alpha patrons will be getting access to version 0.34.

To see what's changed this week, you can check the patch notes below. As always, thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy!

Version 0.33 - 5/11/2018

 Added the departure from Esterholt Updated cove dialogue to reflect time passage Added new NSFW scene (Foursome/Futa) Added new additions to the cove Touched up early-game lighting (the Albath manor, in particular) Revised some of the dialogue from Mercy’s first interaction with Aunt Agatha Updated the scene library to include all current scenes Fixed a few continuity issues with NPC…

New (Win & Mac) Builds: v0.32!

Hi everyone, we've wrapped up the latest builds for the week, and in doing so, we've wrapped up the story in Esterholt! There are a few odds and ends we'll touch up next week, maybe see what we can add in, and then it's off to the next chapter!

I don't have a lot of concrete plans for the next chapter (I tend to work off a loose storyboard of the whole plot and plan small chunks of the future at a time), but what I can tell you is that it's going to be a lot different from Esterholt.

I had fun working on Esterholt, but I'm also glad to move on from what has definitely been the darkest portion of the game so far.

As always, thank you for playing, thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy.


 Version 0.32 - 5/4/2018

 Concluded the story for the 4th Chapter: Esterholt! Added a lot of new conditional checks for dialogue based on different paths Added new art to the Heimrich/Marianna scene Tweaked a few combat animations Fixed a couple of portrait error…