New Weekly Build: v0.29!

Hi folks, making this message short since I'm rushing out the door, but we got a lot of new stuff snuck in this week and there'll probably be even more coming in the next few days. 
I'll talk more about it soon, but until then, patch notes!
Version 0.29 - 4/13/2018 Added new scene art for Meghan & Elijah!Added the StaĆ°festa Hunter’s Hall to EsterholtAdded large wilderness region north of EsterholtAdded tent interior to EsterholtAdded the beginning of the storm portion of EsterholtAdded 2 new written NSFW scenes!Solo F, object insertionM/F, Submission, age difference, mild S&MCorrectly added Mercy’s winter coat battler spriteFixed a tile passability issueReplaced mushroom in Orus’s initial inventory with 2 monster flanks

New Build: Version 0.28!

Hi everyone, we got a brand new build fresh available, fresh out of the oven.

The latest weekly build starts to build in the mystery of Esterholt, the lore, and progresses the narrative. It also rewrites a few scenes, so those of you with saves already in Esterholt may scratch your head at a few lines you don't have context for.

Most of the heavy lifting is done for making the system of finding clues, so next week will move a lot faster in terms of how much playable content is there.

I am definitely starting to get a feel for Esterholt, and even though I said this about Witchdale as well when I'd first created it, I think this is my favorite location in the game to date.

Version 0.28 - 4/6/2018

 Added new narration when leaving the cove to Esterholt for the first time Added new dialogue to a crewmember & Elijah in Esterholt Revised Esterholt manor 2nd floor Added Doctor’s Cabin & Doctor Started adding clues about the strange case of Esterholt around the town & manor…

New Build: v0.27!

Hi folks, got another juicy weekly build wrapped up for you last night, bringing us to version 27. It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that it's been 27 releases already, but here we are.

The newest chapter, Esterholt, is going to be new territory for me (but not for Audrey), branching slightly into the realms of horror. That said, I'm excited to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. After all, that's sort of a major theme here in Daughter of Essence...

You can see the patch notes here:

Version 0.27 - 3/30/2018

 Added Esterholt coat portraits Added new NSFW scene (M/F, S&M, written) Added a short cutscene on arrival to Esterholt Populated Esterholt with new NPCs Continued developing Esterholt map Added Western Esterholt area Added Eastern Esterholt area Added Esterholt Manor 1st Floor Added Esterholt Manor Basement Added Esterholt Manor 2nd Floor (WIP) Added buried treasure to Esterholt Added lots of hidden items to Esterholt Fixed a tile passabilit…

The Holy Trinity of Updates

Hi, folks! We wrapped up version 0.26 yesterday, and since then, we've also prepped the latest alpha and public versions for release. For the first time, our latest public build also includes a Mac version!
The new public version makes another big jump, going from 0.14.6 to 0.24.2! As always, you can find it at the top of our Patreon. It's all caught up again, and it will remain the latest public version until we've concluded the next chapter: Esterholt. Another sharp gear-change coming in this chapter, and we're excited about it.
You can check the patch notes for version 0.26 below, or if you're coming from the previous public build, you can see the entire changelog here.

Version 0.26 - 3/23/2018  Added Esterholt (WIP) Added access & functionality to the overworld (WIP) Added new BGM tracks to the scene library, the world map & Esterholt Added access to a detailed debug room for Old Salt & higher patrons Revised & extended the Elijah & Mercy sce…

New Weekly Build: Version 0.25!

Hello, everyone! We just sent out the latest build, and as promised, we continued with the base-building upgrades and systems. I managed to get a LOT more done this week than projected, which means we're all ready to start the next chapter!

We made huge strides forward with the essence station upgrades and added tons of new content for character builds: new weapon skills, new spells, runes, potions, even an all-new station.

Another feature that I'm really excited about is a MUCH more informative equipment change scene, so you really how your stats are changing when you swap gear.

This has been one of the biggest patches yet, but a lot of it will boil down to your cove upgrade choices so far. We hope you enjoy.

Version 0.25 - 3/16/2018

 Added a new feature to show stat comparisons when changing gear in MUCH greater detail! Added Wulfhilde’s night essence workshop! Added 2 new night essence toys & accompanying written NSFW scenes Added a new level 12 skill for all 3 Orus clas…

New Weekly & Alpha Builds!

Hi everyone! We managed to wrap the weekly and alpha builds up earlier in the day than usual, thanks to a surprisingly well-kept schedule this week.

I set out to make this build focus primarily on revisions & improvements, and while I did revise a few things, it turned out that quite a lot was added, as well.

The biggest labor of the week was visual changes to the cove upgrades.  Next week's focus will be adding new spells, weapon skills, runes, potions, and the final crafting station for essence of the night.

After that... we begin the next chapter! Hope everyone's looking forward to seeing where we go next.

The weekly version is 0.24, and the alpha is 0.23.1. I expect that a new public build will be coming in approximately two weeks' time, so non-patrons have that to look forward to as well.

Version 0.24 - 3/9/2018

 Added visual upgrade indications for tier 2 essence station upgrades! Added cannons to the 2nd tier defense upgrade! Added new & improved doorway to e…

New Weekly Build: v0.23!

Hey everyone! We released a new build last night (technically this morning): version 0.23. There are a lot of things packed into a very short segment of game here, and that's because it all hinges on choices made and paths taken this far.

Things are actually starting to get a little out of hand in the cove in terms of complexity. Some NPCs have well over a dozen different pages of dialogue conditional to certain events.

The next build (to be released on Fridays instead of Mondays going forward) is going to focus heavily on revision. I've been charging ahead so fast that some of the pieces holding different segments together are feeling thin right now.

I want to start touching things up and polishing content to make the experience smooth, fun and intuitive.

Anyway, here are the patch notes!

Version 0.23 (The End of the Witchdale Chapter!) - 3/2/2018

 Added a new NSFW scene (written) on the ship (M/F, age difference) Added a new NSFW scene (written and illustrated) back in the co…